Minutes of Meeting held

7th July 2018



Andrea Allgood – Chair
Diane Draper – Treasurer
Anna Sharkey – Secretary
Trevor Scammell – Vice Chair
Michael Green
Tony Chappell
Fred Allgood

Apologies :

Susan Ashby
David Ashby
(Janice Randall, Debi O’Sullivan )

Visitor: Peter Jeffrey, (Chair) Crews Hill Resident Association.

  1. Welcomed Peter Jeffrey and went through H & S procedures

Matters Arising:

Judges: Northaw. AA updated the meeting on the current situation regarding Judges.

  1. Licence under review.
  2. There is a planning enforcement notice underway.
  3. There is Environmental Health action under way.
  4. Police and Highways are investigating the placing of dozens of bollards/cones on nearby roads.
    Police were called to a violent incident outside judges on Saturday 30th June 2018.

For the time being all departments are investigating Judges so we will wait to hear more.

Cuffley Hall: AA informed the meeting that the current representatives from Parish Council are Sally Pollitt and Peter Dace.

Admin :

Village Day preparations are under way. Footpath maps and list for Walks are ready for the Stall. AA asked if members of the committee could attend during the day to release those who are
arriving early to erect the stall etc. Also if anyone could give time to Jim Sharkey (Parish Councillor) who is dealing with Parking arrangements on the day.


Most Subs are in and banked. A few are steadily coming in. DD has made a payment via Debi O’Sullivan for new Website.

DD outlined several applications in the neighbourhood (see Planning List) DD will investigate the current situation with the Vineyards fence (enforcement) Colesdale Festival – 3 day festival. Goffs Oak residents have been aware of the noise. AA to contact Enforcement – looking into the 28 days rule for events including Car Boot Sales. some concern around Hiring to Private FUnctions.

Website: DO’S absent – no report

Precis Reports: Neighbourhood Watch – no report

PCSO – no report

Parish Council – for information regarding The Orchard ; There is a lease running for a further 15 years. AA reported that a Community Interest Company should have a constitution – we are not aware that The Orchard has one. The Orchard are installing a pathway for disabled access. Buses ; There was a meeting with Stephan Boulton, Representatives form Metroline and HCC  together with Sally Pollitt (Chair Parish Councillor). There has been de-regulation. Bus companies run for profit and this is currently not viable.

Kidston Inst – no report
Footpaths – There has been reports of alleged motorbikes in Homewood. FA to keep an eye to this.
PPG – No Report

Issues from Residents :
None at this time. Generally AA receives positive feedback.


Regarding joining CPRE DD reports that PC already pays so no need to rejoin. MG asks about “flags” outside Estate Agents – is this appropriate following disputes with Laundry where flags were on pavement area. Some discussion followed allowing for fact that the Estate Agent is in a corner of Cuffley and does not generally interfere with pedestrians. MG asked whether PC can influence concerns regarding the Dishevelled Canopy outside Maroulla. It is extremely Unsightly there was also discussion about the Maroulla shop window  behind the Co-op. Not presenting a good image of Cuffley.

Crews Hill/Cuffley Odour : Peter Jeffrey informed the meeting that Crews Hill Residents have been very aware of the odour from the composter. However the odour seems to have dissipated in recent months. AA invited Peter Jeffrey to tell us about the Crews Hill Association. PJ reported they have approximately 200 residents and are generally well supported. He explained that they are under the Enfield Council and have many worries about planning issues. AA hoped that along with Goffs Oak we could all liaise in the future towards a satisfactory “plan” for development in all areas.

Meeting closed 9.45pm.

Next meeting 6th September 2018