Minutes of Meeting,  held – 1st February 2018

• Andrea Allgood – Chair
• Diane Draper – Treasurer
• Trevor Scammell – Vice Chair
• Anna Sharkey (Secretary)
• Susan Ashby – Membership Secretary
• David Ashby
• Michael Green
• Fred Allgood
• Debi O’Sullivan
• Tony Chappell

Apologies: Janice Randall Mike Clarke

Health & Safety covered.
Visitors/Residents interested in development proposals at 36 The Ridgeway. This is to do with a planning application for the re-development of nine properties at this address. ( 3 x 5 bed 4 x 4 bed 2 x 3 bed) The residents expressed their concerns and asked about the process of objection. Residents also informed that many of them had not been notified officially regarding this proposal. No signs on lampposts, No letter from Welhat. AA suggest the resident’s contact Welhat and bring this to their attention.

Andrea Allgood informed of a similar application made in 1974 which was refused. Residents can view this refusal and this information could be used towards current objections which must be made by 14th February 2018. The residents were encouraged to make individual objections, each from their own viewpoint, as this bears more weight than a Petition or generic letter.
AA invited the residents to attend the Parish Council planning meeting next Wednesday at when they may gain further assistance. If the application goes to Council Chamber Meeting Residents can attend en-masse and in our experience, this adds weight to the objections. However, there is usually only 5 days notice of such a meeting AA will endeavour to notify residents through email.

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes :

Item 5: Admin:
Speakers for AGM: AS reports No action taken as Parish Council will organise speakers for AGM
Insurance: No insurance to date but ongoing enquiries through brokers.

Item 7: Local Plan enquiry ongoing.
Admin: AA has consulted with Thurlows Insurance brokers in Cuffley and was informed that our volunteer situation make it difficult to find a suitable insurance. Ongoing enquiries.
AA and SA will continue with a Risk Assessment for the moment, which may help cover eventualities. Michael Green requested that committee members exchange personal email addresses
while NCRA email addresses are unavailable. (AS to send list to all) Michael Clark is completing draft on 2018 leaflet for AGM. Anna Sharkey informed that the committee meeting for April has been moved to 12th April However ,if that is considered to be too close to the AGM for any alterations and arrangements then AS offered to stay with 5th April At The Meadway. To be decided.

Treasurers Report: All Bank balances are healthy. Rent for halls has increased by £1.

Planning: Diane raised concerns for a proposal to develop in Firswood Close – off Coopers Lane. This is prior developed land as was used for Dog Kennels. It has come to notice that there is a Cattery in Brookside Crescent. Some discussion around no reason to be stopped.

IT / Website: MC has looked into hosting for the website. At this time nothing seems suitable. AA asked Trevor Scammell if two local groups he is involved with could inform us of their
websites and assist. (TS to look into it. )

Precis Reports: Neighbourhood Watch None • PCSO None • Kidston Institute None • Cuffley Hall None • Footpaths Fred has reported a couple of trees down, but he is unable to
walk footpaths as yet. • PPG None

A.O.B.: Youth Centre Car Park – There is current parking by commuters to the train. Vehicles left all day. Parish Council has advised that they cannot issue tickets or clamp vehicles.
Parish council offered funding to erect a gate to the car park but the current committee refused. (AS to ask one the committee members)
Parking at Maynard Place car park. – Since the recent change to Welhat control, the monitoring of parking has resulted in penalties for drivers returning during the day. Parking is difficult in Cuffley Village and it is felt that return by residents is inevitable. Parish Council is looking into this.

Library Consultation: – Susan Ashby made a plea on behalf of the local library. saying how efficient the current librarian is particularly with children, knowing them by name and holding reading groups, The consultation asked Community for opinions and responses to proposals for change which are rather worrying. (Volunteer system, Business involvement) The committee agreed we should respond ( SA will do so on NCRA behalf. )