Minutes of Meeting held – 3rd May 2018

Trevor Scammell – Vice Chair
Diane Draper – Treasurer
Anna Sharkey – Secretary
Susan Ashby – Membership Secretary
David Ashby
Michael Green
Debi O’Sullivan

Apologies :
Andrea Allgood
Fred Allgood
Martyn Folland
Janice Randall
Tony Chappell

Trevor Scammell opened the meeting dealing with Health & Safety, and conflicts of interest (of which there were none). Minutes were read and amended. It was clarified by AS that a signed paper-copy of minutes were kept on file as well as on PC.

Matters Arising: None
NCRA Admin:
Data Protection – The proposed Data Protection Policy has been prepared by Andrea Allgood and Susan Ashby. Michael had read through. After reading through the proposed documents there was various suggestions from committee members. Debi suggested that a phrase regarding “complaints or concerns” should be added. Michael offered to incorporate amendments and forward to committee members for approval by email to expedite final agreement as this has to be implemented by 25th May 2018. Susan was happy with all suggestions. Susan suggested we add a sentence to the 2019 NCRA leaflet regarding “giving permission to store data” – and sign. To be discussed further.

Email Address: David Ashby is still experiencing difficulties with receiving ncra emails. He gave everyone his personal email address for the time being.

Website: Following previous information it was agreed that Debi should go ahead with setting up the website with LCN.

Updates from Debi – i. Payment should be by invoice to Treasurer (DD)
ii. Ongoing costs after first year not necessary – unless and if NCRA are unhappy with service.
iii. Debi suggested a short biography of committee members for the website. eg Name and reason for being with NCRA committee and any other affiliated group
iv. Susan to update Data Protection for website.
Treasurers Report:
Subscriptions still coming in – Standing orders and Direct Debits.
Balance and both accounts good.
37 Cranfield Cres. Loft conversion with 6 windows DD will go to look.
Edwards on Cuffley Hill: Proposal for 23 4 bed houses (email received from Denice of Goffs Oak Community Group)
Regarding potholes in roads Debi suggested “Fix my Street” website. Good place to report issues.
Trevor provided a cutting from Wel hat Times who published a letter from Andrea Allgood regarding “Greenbelt and Failing infrastructure”.

Precis Reports:
Neighbourhood Watch None
Police/PCSO None
Parish Council Report None
Kidston Institute None
Footpaths There is a broken fence at Hook Lane. Debi telephone local council who confirmed there is no permission for this fence which is now a hazard to walkers. Debi will email council with photos.

PPG Dr. Stone is to retire on 4th May 2018. There will be a Locum Doctor for the time being and hopefully a permanent Doctor soon.

Residents Issues:
Debi Raised her concerns regarding activities at “The Orchard”. The Orchard hire out for private functions and Debi expressed concerns that there may be inappropriate behaviour at one of the
upcoming functions. The idea that this is a community group with public access raises concerns. Could NCRA look into how this could be dealt with. This is a Community orchard with public
events and should be held in the spirit of a community group. There was further discussion about who owns the land and the lease. Whether the Parish Council are in a position to investigate.

Co-OPTING: Trevor raised the question of our procedure for Co-opting committee members in the future. There was discussion and it was generally felt that this should be a committee
decision and we should look to making a policy.

AOB: DD asked how many events Colesdale Farm were permitted to hold in one year. It was decided that this should be looked into for another meeting.