Minutes of Meeting held

6th September 2018

AA covered H & S. We had 14 visiting residents…. (all signed in ) Tony Chappell introduced Anthony Sarno…. Anthony Sarno family business “SONAR” AS gave a presentation outlining his company’s proposals for redeveloping larger individual properties into multi-accommodation, in the Cuffley area. AS has made available his presentation notes which will be attached to the minutes for the committee. Meeting continued:


Trevor Scammell Susan Ashby.

Minutes / Matters Arising

Constitution is under review. AA requested that all committee members read the draft which she had forwarded to committee members previously. In preparation for discussion.

Website IT

Debi O’Sullivan reported that she had been in touch with LCN who are preparing the website and encouraged them to complete the process as we had been waiting too long. The committee were given a website address to observe current status which would be open to us for approx 24 hours. All pages have been set up ready for entries. Debi will be questioning the ongoing invoice since we have been charged for past few months but not been able to use or change the website. AA thanked Debi for taking on all the problems concerned with the website.

Treasurer’s Report:

Diane Draper reported that she had banked £70 additional subs and believes there is more to come from Susan and Andrea. AA thanked Diane. Also Susan for her recent reminder letter to residents.


DD went through the list pointing to 4 Maynard Place where there has been a request for change of use to use premises as a beauty shop and nail bar. Proposed opening hours 9am – 7pm.Monday to Saturday. Wood Green Timber Yard – objections to be heard on 13th September. (reduced height to racking etc.) 52 Homewood applying for certificate of lawfulness. Committee members question if this is becoming the trend where owners complete work and then apply for certificate without initial approval. AA explained circumstances surrounding Events and car boot sales at Colesdale Farm together with Hillview Farm. AA explained that Enforcement are aware but Enforcement at Welwyn & Hatfield are under pressure and unable to easily deal with many of the issues surrounding events and car boot sales. AA is in contact with necessary departments who are looking into legalities surrounding events, setting up and removing. AA assisted Enforcement by passing on information which included legal information obtained by Broxbourne when dealing with Brook Farm 3 years ago There is a general concern that other Farms will seek to benefit financially from these types of activities. Farms/landowners have to applying to licensing, Event organiser also applying for licensing so there is confusion around 28 day limit. AA will also look into regulations surrounding Noise Pollution following reports of Motor bikes racing in those fields. “Judges” in Northaw. The planned licensing review was deferred following a fracas some months back when the Police became involved and wanted reports. Therefore still waiting for Licensing review.

Welwyn Hatfield – Green Belt Plans

Tong Chappell and others attended a meeting at Parish Council to look at the current consultation report on plans for taking parcels of green belt.Barry Knickell of SCANGB has emailed a short precis of the consultation report. The Parish Council will be employing Troy Planning Consultant to look at the methodology of the Welwyn Hatfield Plans relating to Cuffley & Northaw. It is generally felt that at the appropriate time there will be a need for a ground swell of residents to be made apparent to the Government Inspector which may help sway the balance when decisions are made.AA will send thanks to Barry, Mike Clark, Martyn Jewel for there very valuable input.

Precis Reports:

9.1 Neighbourhood Watch No report

9.2 Police/ PCSO No report.. AA asked if AS would contact PCSO to invite her to a meeting.

9.3 Parish Council KGV playground a great success over the Summer Holidays. Many Thanks to Jane Brook and the Mothers who helped organise. NCRA will donate £100 towards planting. Telephone Box in Northaw is Listed. Janice Randell reports that it is very dilapidated and in need of repainting and she is currently looking for a decorator. Martyn Folland suggested Cuffley Industrial Hertitage Society might help towards costs.

9.4 Kidston Institute Michael Green reported that it has been confirmed that Sally Pollitt and Peter Dace are on the Committee representing the Parish Council. AGM is on 7th September. There are approximately 60 members playing Table Tennis and Snooker. Finances all good.

9.5 Cuffley Hall No Report

9.6 Footpath Fred Allgood reported that he had experienced motorbikes on the footpaths but had not been able to get details as they moved too fast ! He will keep alert in future. The two walks that Fred led during the Summer were very successful and there is a plan to continue this next year. AA added that it is 125 years of Parish Council so there will be other planned activities for next year.

9.7 PPG No Report

Issues from Residents:

Maroulla fashion Store Canopy – ongoing.

Flashing high level light in Maynard Place Car Park. Martyn Folland will report to Parish Clerk. MF explained that many years ago he was resident responsible in community for reporting rubbish and fly tipping to SERCO. (Borough cleaners). He had seen several black bags recently and reported this and was pleased that these were picked up within 24 hours. More black bags were left within a short time…MF made contact with Parish Council Clerk who said it was not the responsibility of Parish


MF feels we should put pressure on PC to take pride in the village and assist with these issues. He will make contact with Clerk again. MF will also be looking at the abuse of grass verges. Diane agreed this was a big problem, we will defer this discussion until next meeting.

Meeting closed at 9.55pm. Next Meeting 11th October (Note not first week of month)