Minutes of Meeting held

7th June 2018


Andrea Allgood – Chair
Diane Draper – Treasurer
Anna Sharkey – Secretary
Susan Ashby – Membership Secretary
David Ashby
Michael Green
Debi O’Sullivan
Tony Chappell
Fred Allgood


Trevor Scammell

Others Present: Mr & Mrs Plumbley (Northaw Residents)
Lister Newcombe Cuffley Hall Representative AA went through the Health & Safety Procedures.

Issues raised by Residents : Mr & Mrs Plumbley attended the meeting to bring to the attention of NCRA their concerns regarding activities at “Judges” in Northaw.
Mr & Mrs Plumbley are immediate neighbours to the recently refurbished premises.

They outlined three concerns:
1. Planning – A structure has been erected at the rear of Judges without planning permission.
2. Judges are hosting Events at weekends which result in vehicle congestion since there are inadequate parking facilities therefore cars park in Vineyards and Northaw Road West where
there are speed bumps.
3. The noise levels are extreme. Mr & Mrs Plumbley have reported to Terry Vincent environmental health and they are monitoring the situation. This building is grade 2 listed and some regulations are possibly being ignored. It appears that Mr & Mrs Plumbley have taken all the correct steps to date to report to the relevant departments and would like to enlist the help and advice of NCRA. AA asked Mr & Mrs Plumbley to send all their concerns in writing to NCRA and also explained the process of planning applications by Parish Council. It was also suggested that they contact Vicki Hatfield at Wel/Hat.

Matters Arising;

Data Protection Agreed and completed.
Edwards on Cuffley Hill – Objection sent
Following the previous minutes and information, there was a general question regarding “The Orchard”. If one of the Directors’ is a member of the Parish Council – is there a conflict of interest and is it appropriate to hold an exclusive event in a community orchard where members of the public can presumably come and go. The question was also asked regarding leasing regulations / conditions of lease. AA would ask the clerk to the Parish Council AA

Debi has an appointment with the website company on Monday 11th June. She would like :

1. Original Logo
2. PDF copies of Minutes for past 6 months AS
3. A biography from each committee member – only needs to be brief e.g Name, NCRA email address, other interests within the Cuffley & Northaw area ( Footpaths, Kidston Institute etc)
4. Data Protection specific to website (already drafted by Debi )
5. Constitution AA
6. Membership info and application form on website MC
7. Dates and Events (Planning & Factsheets) AS
8. Committee meeting dates and times AS
Debi proposes that there will be a link to Facebook

In due course a small working group will meet to understand process of administering the website.

Village Day 8th July 2018. – NCRA will have a theme around “Footpaths” There are A3 Maps available to handout. Fred Allgood will advertise evening walks.
There will be access to KGV early to erect gazebo (AS) AA has tables, table cloths, sashes, etc. AS to obtain balloons and possibly helium AA has leaflets.

Advertise SCANGB reminding the public that they are alive and well and keeping a track on future planning. Ask Mike Clark for any poster/small banner AS Planning:
AA informed the meeting that Broxbourne has passed the planning application for 800 homes in the Rosedale area. CPRE has requested a judicial review of the Broxbourne decision.
Diane to contact CPRE for group membership. Wood Green Timber have an appeal upcoming.
Tolmers Road parking – proposed parking restrictions from Station Road to Acorn Road. 10am – 4pm 6 days a week.
other residents are concerned about the push back of parking further into Tolmers Road.

Treasurers Report:
Subs are still coming in. Currently we have 418 members by comparison at this time 2017 we had 464. Balance in accounts is healthy and we have the website to pay for.
It was agreed that £100 is available for Village Day expenses.

Precis Reports:
Neighbourhood Watch None
Parish Council AA reported that the PC has two new councillors . There is a meeting with Councillor Steven Boulton regarding 242 bus
There was some discussion regarding the change of trains to Stevenage (for the future)
Kidston Institute MG reported they have completed the Data Protection Policy.
Two members from Parish Council attended a recent meeting and MG asked if AA would enquire whether they are permanent representatives. Cuffley Hall Lister Newcombe reported there has been a reduction in income due to cancellations, and they have received a grant for Water Heating etc. The Parish Council had taken over all expenses for the external fabric of the building.
Cuffley Hall needs more lettings. When asked Lister explained they use Cheshunt Echo, Potters Bar Eye, Update, and Facebook. (Notice Boards at Cuffley Station) Lister has raised the problem of the large puddle outside the front entrance also the new parking restrictions were causing some problems for users of the hall. AA explained that Welwyn/Hatfield are now in control of parking
Footpaths: FA reported that Foothpaths 6 & 4 & 12 have been strimmed and trimmed to a reasonable standard. Footpath 1 by The Dell and Vineyards has been trimmed back.
Upgrade required to bridlepath (14 Coopers Lane) – all reported to County Council. Fred has cleared part of the path behind the youth centre. Fred required clarification from Debi regarding her concerns (see previous minutes) at Hook Lane. Fred thinks the incorrect footpaths are being used due to overgrowth on proper path, therefore farmer is posting notices. Fred reported vandalism to boards at Way-marks at Homewood.

PPG: None.
Co-opting of new committee members to be put on hold until we are updating our Constitution.

Meeting closed at
Next meeting 5th July 2018 7.30pm