Minutes of Meeting held – 5th April 2018

Andrea Allgood – Chair
Diane Draper – Treasurer
Trevor Scammell – Vice Chair
Anna Sharkey – Secretary
Susan Ashby – Membership Secretary
David Ashby
Michael Green
Apologies :
Fred Allgood
Tony Chappell
Janice Randall
Debi O’Sullivan

Andrea Allgood opened the meeting by introducing a new Agenda format –
* Residents/Members attending a meeting will be encouraged to inform a committee member
* Minutes will be the sole record of any meeting. (updated format available at next and each meeting following).

Health & Safety & Conflicts of interests addressed.
Matters Arising:
Constitution : Following suggestions regarding updating the Constitution at the last meeting further issues regarding Data Protection have become current. Therefore the ongoing preparations on the draft Constitution have been delayed. It is intended to bring a draft forward for next committee meeting.
Planning: Welhat Planning/Inspectorate have recently increased the number of proposed development to 20,000.

Membership and Subscriptions –
Susan Ashby reports that membership subscriptions are coming in.
24 new standing orders have been set up.
Experience this year is showing that SA would like to review S.O. instructions for next year.
Policy / Data Protection is an ongoing issue particularly with the “right to be forgotten”. We need
to decide how long it is necessary to keep data.

A.G.M. preparations are in hand for the upcoming AGM on 26th April. (Joint with Parish Council)
AA requires Agenda (AS/AA) Minutes (AS) Report 2017 (AA) Treasurers Report (DD)
AA to make brief report of past year.
Sally Pollitt of Parish Council will address Planning Issues.
AS will check the Hall will be set up in time.

Treasurers Report: Bank balance is healthy and accounts will be available for AGM Diane has indicated her wish to stand again on the committee for 2018/19
Planning: Starling Lane issues are being looked into by planning Case Officer Wood Green Timber is ongoing and Northaw Action Group is involved.

I.T. Website:

Debi O’Sullivan has completed her investigations into the website options for NCRA and in her absence has provided a written analysis and recommendations. (available with paper copy of
these Minutes. There was much discussion including finances which included normal outgoings and income. together with the various options it was generally decided that we go forward with “LCN”. The Treasurer agreed we are in a good position to go ahead.

Total cost for first year with LCN
Web design 240.00
Support costs 810.00

This fee includes backups, security updates and 3 hours of support time each month. After the 12 months we can decide whether or not to continue with the support. AA to ask Debi to check ongoing costs / security after first year, WordPress, and format of pages. It is proposed that a small group of committee members work with Debi whilst setting up the website.

Precis Reports:
Neighbourhood Watch : – No formal report but it is apparent that incidents of Burglaries  are up and there has been anti-social behaviour at Cuffley Station.
PCSO : no report
Parish Council :
1. Have agreed to adopt 44 benches in Northaw & Cuffley and maintain them
2. Co-option to Parish Council is ongoing. Names and Resumes to be forwarded to PC by 23rd April

Kidston Institute : No Report
Cuffley Hall: Lister Newcombe will report back to and represent NCRA.
The Parish Council as Landlord of the hall have decided to
undertake Major external Repairs to the building.
Footpath: No report
PPG: It is proposed that Nurse /clinicians/ pharmacist will review blood test results and review medications.

There was some discussion regarding online appointment booking. General concern that It seems to take a long time to get an appointment when booking online also the unwanted transfer
of attending either surgery when given an online appointment – (Valley View / Cuffley).

Michael Green proposed that the Treasurer moves money between accounts to obtain a better interest. It was agreed that DD would do this following the current ongoing income of Subs.
AA informed the committee that she often receives thank you emails from Residents for the work NCRA is doing.

AGM: Bar open from 7pm.
7.30. NCRA AGM. Parish Council Annual Meeting