Minutes of meeting held – 8th March 2018

Andrea Allgood – Chair
Diane Draper – Treasurer
Trevor Scammell – Vice Chair
Anna Sharkey (Secretary)
Susan Ashby – Membership Secretary
David Ashby
Michael Green
Fred Allgood
Janice Randall
Debi O’Sullivan
Tony Chappell
No Apologies;

Andrea Allgood opened the meting by thanking Tony & Linda for hosting the committee meeting at their house. (meeting last week cancelled due to snow).

Health Safety covered by Tony !!:

Matters Arising:
36 The Ridgeway – 80+ objections were made by local residents. AA spoke with Bernard Sarsens – local councillor

Parking at Maynard Place Car Park – Parish Council ensuring that parking restrictions will allow for return to Car Park after two hours.

1. AA invited Michael Green to outline his proposals for change to the constitution :
MG explained that under paragraph 5 under section 5.1 and 5.2 there is a sentence regarding Voting procedure which has not been outlined in 5.3 Michael proposes that at the upcoming AGM we should change the constitution in section 5.3 and add propose that in 5.3 Committee Meetings, after the end of c) insert
d) Voting by Committee members shall be made by a show of hands. In the event of a tied vote the
Chairperson or an appointed deputy shall have a casting vote.”
There was much discussion and a vote was taken and carried to accept the proposal. MG to prepare and outline the change to the Constitution for the AGM.

2. AA thanked all members of committee who had given time to prepare the 2018 leaflets. design, print, envelope preparation, delivering.

Treasurers Report: Some subscriptions have been received following visit from Ridgeway Residents. Susan Ashby confirmed that these subs would be entered as 2018 subs. Bank accounts all healthy.

Planning Update:
There is a report in the Welhat Times newspaper that Planning Dept have approx 583 outstanding cases that they have not been able to finalise. Also a report that Welhat have to increase the housing development numbers from 13000 to 16000.
The Borough Council will re-review green belt sites.
The committee generally express concerns regarding infrastructure and future plans.
The Local Plan is not due until end of 2018.
Tony Chappell asked about the involvement of SCANGB. It was explained that currently the issues do not directly affect Northaw and Cuffley. Janice Randall offered to speak with SCANGB and
report back. JR

AA confirmed that at our AGM. to be held jointly with Parish Council Annual Meeting, The Parish Council will probably cover Planning. AA explained that Parish Council are “Consultees” for any
planning permission and do get notified. AA will email Welhat Times info to Members. DD suggested looking at Welhat Council Meetings website for updated information.

Debi O’Sullivan has undertaken to look into a new website for NC RA. and gave an in depth presentation about several possibilities.
Debi explained about a. Domain Name
b. Hosting
c. Security
Debi had obtained quotes from local website creators. Debi generously offered to have a go at setting up the website. After discussing costs and implications it was generally felt that setting up
the residents association should move towards a professional company with all of its support. The initial costs would be around £800-£900 with annual running costs much lower.
Debi will go back to “Cre8” a company in Potters Bar for further quotes based on her updated knowledge of our requirements.
It was agreed that a small working group should work with Debi as soon as possible to discuss what is required. AA will organise

AS asked if we could buy a laminator and pockets for the posters that are placed into the Notice Boards at Cuffley Station. Approx cost £20 for Laminator £10 for 100 pockets. The committee agreed.